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There is more kids and family here and other artists as well

Music For Dummies -   Enter Into Our World Network

Kids and Family
2. Two of a Kind
 3.The Jimmies
TWO OF A KIND: Going On An Adventure TWO OF A KIND: Family Album THE JIMMIES: Countdown THE JIMMIES: Someone Has To Play Last THE JIMMIES: Make Your Own Someday
 5. Dan Zanes 7 Friends  DAN ZANES AND FRIENDS: All Around the Kitchen! Crazy Videos and Concert Songs! DVD  DAN ZANES AND FRIENDS: Rocket Ship Beach  DAN ZANES AND FRIENDS: Family Dance  DAN ZANES AND FRIENDS: House Party  DAN ZANES AND FRIENDS: Night Time!
There were so many albums to display that we had to split the files into more than ten pages of downloads.

 2. Donna Williams  DONNA WILLIAMS: Nobody Nowhere  DONNA WILLIAMS: Mutation
We had to add other albums onto this page because there is only a small amount of room per page.

 3. Various Artists  VARIOUS ARTISTS: Digital Bliss Vol 1  VARIOUS ARTISTS: At This Stage... 30 Years at the Wheatland Music Festival

So support these independent artists by veiwing their work there are many albums even spiritual ones.